Diprobase Ointment Review

So in my previous post I mentioned I have been using Diprobase Ointment during the winter. I thought I’d do a quick review, here it goes…

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I have been struggling to control the eczema on my hands and wrists so I switched from Diprobase cream to Diprobase Ointment as it was proscribed by my GP. The difference with these two products are one is a cream and more of a lotion the ointment is a thick, heavy and a greasy product. Which eczema suffers will know a thicker cream is needed especially in the winter to act as the fatty layer of skin.

About Diprobase:

What is Diprobase Ointment and what is it used for?
It is an emollient, moisturiser and protective ointment it is used to treat eczema and other dry skin conditions. It can be used for both adults and children. It contains white soft paraffin and liquid paraffin.

What it does?
It relieves and soothes red, inflamed, damaged, dry or chapped skin. It can also be used before showering and bathing to protect raw skin. It helps hydrate skin and prevents moisture loss.

My experience:

photo (4)

(Results after weeks of use – Not good enough) ….

 It definitely soothes my skin when it is itching but for a short period of time. I not sure if it’s because of the texture but I find it can make me itchier the longer it’s on my hands. Strangely enough it has not improved the dryness of my skin on my hands and wrist which I find confusing because it is such a thick ointment. It has however, improved dry patches on my face but it’s not as effective on stubborn areas such as around my eyes and as I mention my hands. I have been using it twice a day as directed by my doctor. I find it best to use in the morning and at night. It is really sticky because of how greasy it is so I wouldn’t recommend using it during the day unless you don’t mind having it all over your clothes. Over all I find the ointment ok, I plan to stop using though and trying something else as it is not improving my skin very much. I will keep using it of my face.

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4 thoughts on “Diprobase Ointment Review

  1. theapprenticebeautyblogger

    Hiya, have you ever tried Eve Taylor Borage Cream? It’s got excellent reviews, I cannot say this myself as I do not suffer from eczema, however my Mum uses it. :) Also their Ultra Soothing Cleanser is good for the skin and you can use it as a masque as well. Just a quick thought when reading your blog haha x

  2. shannonseczema

    Hi :) No, I haven’t tried it yet – Thanks for the recommendation! I will purchase this online next time I’m buying products and maybe do a review. And if you come across any other products I would be interested in I would really appreciate the heads up! Again thanks for your support and I look forward to reading some more of your blog posts :) xx

  3. anekleppan

    Hi shannon. My baby son has eczema and I noticed you follow our journey. I wanted to let you know about an interesting company called http://www.psoria-shield.com. They have developed a targeted UV therapy technology which minimizes side effects of use (much better than topical steroids and regular uv therapy) because it targets areas and has shown to keep patients with severe eczema(to the point of bleeding) under control and with clear skin for up to 4 months at the time. Initially you may need 10-12 treatments but when your skin clears and it reocurs 1-2 should do it for another 4 months. Discuss it with your doctor and he can evaluate how to obtain one, it also cures alopecia, vitiligo and temporarily cures psoriasis. The technology was approved by the FDA in the united states and also in EU and I know several docs in the states with amazing results. Check out their website for information. Because I don’t know if my baby will outgrow eczema or if it is related to an allergy I will have to wait and see what happens. As a parent stressed out over just a few weeks of this in my son, I find you very strong!

    1. shannonseczema Post author

      Hi :) Thanks for the advice! I will discuss the treatment with my GP it sounds very interesting. You should ask about getting your sons tested for allergies. My niece has egg and lentil allergies that affect her eczema (I hope she will grow out of this). I have been told I have atopic eczema as I have had it my whole life and I am now 21. I have never been tested to see if I have any allergies so I will have to get this done! I also have contact eczema to harsh chemicals and soaps.


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