Aveeno Review

Hi everyone :) I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I would do a review on Aveeno Lotion…photo (28)

After struggling with my eczema and dry skin for several years my GP introduced me to Aveeno Cream. I have now been switched to Aveeno Lotion (I’m not really sure why, I can’t really feel any difference between the two products). Aveeno uses Colloidal Oatmeal to naturally moisturise dry and easily irritated skin which provides 24 hours moisture. I have been using Aveeno products for about five years and would recommend it to people with eczema! If like me you search for products for your eczema and dry skin you have probably come across many forums and blogs talking about how effect Aveeno is. My skin is extremely sensitive and I am dubious about products which are recommended online but as I said it was my GP who introduced me to it and it’s available on prescription.

I started using this when I was about 16 and I intend on using it every day for the rest of my life. At the age of sixteen I was really bad for controlling my skin and maintaining its moisture as I was extremely fed up using all of tick greasy ointments my doctor was prescribing me. This cream/lotion absorbs really quick giving you 24 hours moisture and it is not greasy and is perfect for me!photo (27)

This product will not cure your eczema, I think people have really high expectations with Aveeno and people need to remember it is just a moisturiser not a miracle. During my time using Aveeno I have still had to use steroid creams such as Fucibet and hydrocortisone to calm down breakout and use ticker more greasier products such as Diprobase ointment for really stubborn dry patches. I would recommend this as a great everyday moisturiser for people with eczema and dry skin as it doesn’t leave me feeling like I am treating my skin condition, It soothes my skin while providing moisture and I don’t have to worry about getting my clothes all greasy. The packaging is pretty basic (which I like) it says it provides 24hours moisture and a prolonged soothing action which leaves skin softer and more supple, also with regular use, it helps prevent skin irritations caused by dehydration. I use the 400ml bottle which you can get on prescription or buy over the counter for around £11 which is really reasonable (if you are from Scotland you can get it for free on prescription).

If anyone knows what the difference is between the cream and the lotion let me know please! I just seen the cream is more expensive and I would love to know why! Maybe this is the reason my GP is now prescribing me the lotion rather than the cream.

16 thoughts on “Aveeno Review

  1. Georginaskin.com

    I mentioned this product on my post for eczema :) im glad my advice is actually proven to be good by professional doctors :)
    Many kisses to you Shannon and i hope you try some of my tips.
    Georgina x

  2. Georginaskin.com

    Oh btw , cream is heavier and takes longer to get absorbed. Lotion is lighter , its water based and it gets absorbed fast so its the best choice for sensitive skin and for conditions like eczema x

    1. shannonseczema Post author

      Thanks Georgina :)xx Aveeno is the best moisturiser my GP has ever prescribed me, I love it!! I thought lotion would be lighter and its good to know that’s a better choice for sensitive skin. I have been suffering with stubborn dry patches around my eyes and feel the lotion doesn’t improve it enough, maybe because my skin absorbs it straight away? do you think the cream would help for the dryer patches or just use the lotion more?xx

      1. Georginaskin.com

        The cream is better for dry skin..because it has more oil content than lotions. If u have the aveeno cream as well maybe u should use it for the dry patches around your eyes and see if it works. It wont do any harm cause its appropriate for eczema.
        Have you tried some of the home remedies i mentioned?
        Honestly try raw shea butter i promise you it does wonders for my dry skin patches. Whenever i get dry skin on my face i rub shea butter and olive oil for few days until it goes away.

      2. shannonseczema Post author

        I haven’t been prescribed the cream in about a year, I didn’t even notice the difference until I checked on the Aveeno website (silly me). I always ask for cream and end up with lotion for some reason! And I noticed the cream was more expensive. Im really liking this raw Shea butter idea I will definitely give it a go! You are always so helpful :) I really appreciate it xx

      3. Georginaskin.com

        Im trying to help as much as i can. Mix it with a bit of olive oil because its too thick and it wont spread so easily. Thats what i do and it works on my dry skin. I hope it works for u too :) xx good luck sweetie xx

      4. Georginaskin.com

        I ordered mine from amazon and it came after 2 weeks. I bought it for 10 dollars and it was a descend amount. Is hard to use it up Cause its so thick. I still have more than 2/3 of it and ive been using it for a year now. I use it on my hair as a conditioner , on my lips when they r dry and on my face :)

      5. shannonseczema Post author

        I am going to order it on amazon! I have been looking for something for my hair as its super long and have noticed a few split ends. It will be good having something for both my skin and hair :) Thanks so much <3

  3. goingnaturalmum

    Hi Shannon! Thanks for following my blog! We also get Aveeno Cream/Lotion on prescription for my daughter’s eczema. Sometimes they give us cream and sometimes lotion and I wasn’t sure what the difference is either so good to see Georgina’s explanation! My hubbie has eczema and as allergies and he finds Aveeno irritates him. The only thing that works for him is Vaseline Intensive Care moisturiser. Different folks, different strokes! All the best, Catherine

  4. Amber Simpson-Gratton

    I don’t have eczema but do have Psoriasis on my scalp. WORST PLACE EVER – Looks like dandruff but isn’t, and is itchy. UGH.I only use Aveeno products, and can’t use hair conditioning unless I make it. (Honey, olive oil and something else- can’t quite remember, i’ll write a post about it :)) But yea only aveeno everything else just irritates my skin :/

    1. shannonseczema Post author

      I have eczema on my scalp it’s such a pain! I’m using T-Gel just now, I think you can use it for psoriasis but I will have to check. I will do a post on it :) I look forward to reading your post on your homemade conditioner! I wonder if Aveeno do a conditioner?

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  6. Hugo Pedder

    Aveeno helped me so much in the UK, and the fact you can get it prescribed is amazing! I’ve spent the last few months living in Sweden though, and since Ive been here the aveeno just doesn;t seem to cut it… I went to a doctor here and was prescribed another moisturizer – canoderm. I haven’t the faintest idea why aveeno worked before and not now, but I’m gonna take some canoderm back to the UK and ask if there’s something similar.

    Thanks for a really informative blog! :)

    1. shannonseczema Post author

      Hi Hugo, I haven’t been blogging in while so sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner!

      I use Aveeno everyday on my hands and face, for me it’s just a nice day-to-day moisturiser that doesn’t irritate my skin. When my skin is really dry I need something stronger to help. Sometime I use Diprobase ointment (I wrote a review on it) it’s pretty good but not as comfortable as Aveeno. Let me know how you got on with canoderm :)


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